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Chris Solis with his Camel Trophy truck

Chris Solis

OB Member 7200 

That moment when you can check owning a Camel Trophy Land Rover 110 off your bucket list… When the opportunity to own a piece of Land Rover history presented itself to Chris Solis eleven years ago, he jumped on it and hasn’t looked back. 

Part adventure machine, part never ending project, Chris takes us through the details of his build and shares the story of how he acquired it.

You can often find Chris trekking around the California Sierra or the dirt roads of Nevada in one of his overland trucks. But the Camel Trophy is by far the favorite drivers seat he likes to occupy.


Overland Nissan Xterra

Blake @bbx_adventures

OB Member 2055 

Blake’s love for snowboarding and snowy mountains guided him to find a vehicle ready to take on any snow covered road in the PNW. His love of winter recreation soon became augmented with a love for dirt roads and quiet trails. 

Blake takes his 2006 Titan swapped Nissan XTerra just about everywhere and is ready for whatever the trail throws at him.