What is Overlanding

An adventure that changes you

When vehicle dependent travel meets the call of the wild.

Overlanding has a rich global history of adventurous souls taking long journeys through remote destinations in their fully outfitted vehicles. These treks could take someone from icy tundras to desert dunes over the course of thousands of miles and multiple border crossings, all while living out of their vehicle. 

It’s the kind of stuff legends are made of. And for many, it represented a dream.

Over the past 10 years this aspirational dream has become an attainable reality as more and more people recognize the need for adventure and solace in the great outdoors. And many have discovered that the answer to this call is often in their own “backyard”.

Now more than ever, folks from all walks of life are looking beyond paved roads and traditional campgrounds to find outdoor locations that uplift and inspire in their remoteness. They are seeking a return to self-reliance and a reinvention of how a long weekend or vacation can be experienced. With overlanding, the journey and destination are entwined. It is all one and the same. 

And best yet? Everyone who chooses to forge this path brings with them an understanding that the Great Outdoors is a resource to be cherished, protected and preserved. 

If you have ever seen a photo or heard a tale about vehicles lumbering off-road in search of dirt roads, quiet nights and epic views and felt a deep sense of yearning for open roads and big skies… Congratulations. You are an overlander.