The pillars that guide us

Just as it is important to know where you’re going, it’s equally important to know what you stand for.

Overlanding is vehicle dependent travel

If you go much deeper than this, folks start being excluded. Overlanding is for everyone and anyone who wants to explore and take care of the Great Outdoors.

is necessary

Adventure has the power to change your life and provides a framework to rethink what is important.

It doesn’t matter
what you drive

We are not a vehicle specific organization. The only requirement is your rig has to be capable and safe for what you ask it to do and where you want to go.

A connection with
nature is paramount

A connection with the great outdoors gives us perspective, keeps us grounded, and feeds the explorer and wanderer deep in our DNA. Ignore this, and things get messy.

Leave it better
than you found it

Now more than ever, it is imperative that we all take ownership of our lands to counteract any damage that is done. Our natural environment is the key to survival. Preserve it.

Be prepared

Safety First. The trip defines the needs. Research, ask questions and investigate the requirements of any journey before you start. We prefer epic tales of adventure without bad endings. Keep the rubber side down.

No barriers to information

We don’t own information any more than we own the great outdoors. No one has a patent on what it takes to survive. Share information freely and openly; we create a stronger community that way.

Be kind

Remember that no one has all the answers and we all started somewhere. Take being a decent person seriously. Human kindness is a valuable asset that could mean survival when traveling anywhere, and humility is essential.

Have fun

Being grounded creates stability and joy for you and everyone who comes into contact with you. Remember to have fun.